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The Ultimate Patio Garden!

Enjoy gardening anywhere there is sun with the Jurassic Automated Garden by U-GroIT. The durable, self-watering, solar powered garden makes sure your plants get watered when they need it, allowing you to easily grow fresh, full sized fruits and vegetables on your patio, balcony and rooftop!

A Closer Look At The Jurassic Automated Garden by U-GroIT

Starting from the ground up, the basin holds 23 gallons of water, which will last you a few weeks when starting out and varies depending on the size of the plants, the temperature and the weather conditions. To make your life even easier, you can check to see how much water is in the basin by looking at the water level indicator. When the indicator is in the red, then it means you need to refill the basin with water. Simply remove the hose fill port locking caps and place your watering hose inside to refill your garden basin with ease. To water itself, the garden uses a moisture detection sensor for the large pots and one for the small pots to constantly measures how wet or dry the soil is. Therefore, you never have to worry if you are over-watering or under-watering your plants again. Once the need for water is reached, the sensor tells the garden to turn on the pumps. The pumps fill the pots with water from the bottom up, which is known as the ebb and flow technique. Once the plants have had their fill, the water drains back into the reservoir for minimal water loss. Now how does the garden get its power? The U-GroIT garden uses a solar panel, which recharges an extremely efficient lithium battery. Therefore, you can grow virtually anywhere there is sun.

The U-GroIt Automated Garden also features 2 small 8” removable pots and 3 large 12” removable pots. These gardening posts are specifically designed with tomato cage holes. This means the U-GroIT gardening pots can hold tomato cages within them to ensure your plants receive the proper support needed for growth. (Please note the tomato cages are not included with the U-GroIt Automated Garden.)

U-GroIT Automated Garden Product Callout Image

The Jurassic Automated Garden by U-GroIT™ also has a controller on the front of the garden to customize your plant’s specific watering needs. Start by pressing and holding the action button for 3 seconds to select the pot size. Click to adjust the moisture set level. Press and hold for 10 seconds to manually start/stop watering. The moisture level comes preset at an average moisture level. If you wish to lower or raise the moisture level, then you can change it accordingly. You know when the pump is turned on when the LED lights up. Also if an issue is detected with the corresponding part on the garden, an error LED lights up red to notify you.

U-GroIT Automated Garden Controller Callout Image

Grow Maintenance Free!

U-GroIT is an automated gardening system that allows you to easily grow fresh, full sized fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers with little maintenance. You don’t have to worry about poor soil conditions, watering, weeds or other traditional gardening problems. The durable, self-watering garden knows when your plants need to be watered and does the watering for you. No guesswork makes gardening fun and simple.

Grow a Healthier You! 

Plant the seeds to a healthier you by growing your own fresh, full sized fruits, vegetables and herbs. With the U-GroIT Automated Garden you will not only benefit from growing a wide variety of healthy produce, but you will also be enjoying huge yields. So it makes growing a healthy lifestyle easier.

Grow Anywhere!

(As Long as There is Plenty of Sun) 

Effortlessly grow fresh, full sized fruits and vegetables in any small space like a patio, balcony, or rooftop with the U-GroIT Automated Garden. The durable, self-watering garden fits in less than 4′ footprint allowing you to grow your vegetables and flowers virtually anywhere there is sun. Always remember to fertilize your plants to ensure growth! Pour liquid or granulated fertilizer directly in the reservoir.


The U-GroIT Garden Allows You to Grow a Variety of Plants and Flowers

The U-GroIT Automated Garden has been designed to support a wide variety of vegetables, flowers and herbs. So no matter if you prefer a full rose garden or a vegetable garden or even a hybrid of both, you can can grow it with the U-GroIT Automated Garden. Just see for yourself by checking out the images below.


U-GroIT Automated Garden Growing A Variety of Roses

U-GroIT Automated Garden Growing Tomato Plants


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