U-GroIT™ is a business with the customer in mind where we strive to give you the best garden experience possible! Meant for those who want a garden with impressive yields who may not have the land to grow on or who want to avoid all the maintenance and time involved in creating one! Its so easy anyone can do it!

The Jurassic Automated Garden by U-GroIT began its journey a few years ago from the ground up. With a background in industrial controls, an impressive team was comprised to create what we believe is an awesome product! Our garden was designed in the USA and we are proud to say 99% made here as well! Parts are molded in Georgia and Tennessee, our electronics and programming were created and done in Florida and the final unit is assembled in Georgia of US and foreign parts.

From the ground up, we have tested, updated, and created the final version available to you on our site. Many of the pictures on the site are from our prototype gardens and as you can see we had great success! We tested with different materials, designs  and techniques that have all come together to give you our best product yet.

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