How to Tie Up & Trim Your Plants in The U-GroIT Automated Garden

Learn how to secure your plants in The U-GroIT Automated Garden.

Your plants in the U-GroIT Automated Garden will need support to ensure proper growth. Because plants such as tomato plants are capable of tremendous growth in such a short period of time, their limbs are not the strongest. Simply having your tomato plants inside a tomato cage can help them grow to their full potential.

Other ways to help support your plants as they grow include placing a large pole in the middle of the plant and tying it up with garden tape. A combination of the tomato cage, pole, and garden tape is the best recipe for success.

Some tomato plants will even grow past the height of the first tomato cage and will need additional support. To allow the plants to grow even taller, we suggest stacking another tomato cage on top of the original one and secure it with zip ties. This method works exceptionally well for tall tomato plants as well as large vine flowers.

Once your tomato plants are reaching their mature height, it is also a good idea to trim some of the lower branches that are close to the bottom of the plant that look like they are browning or not producing. This will help the plant focus on new growth instead of focussing its resources on unnecessary branches. Simply take some cutters or a razor blade and cut the unwanted branch as close to the main stock.