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U-GroIT Automated Garden

The U-GroIT Automated Garden is a garden designed with the customer in mind. There is minimal work to  be done by the gardener past planting the vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers of choice. So why is the U-GroIT garden an automated garden? It’s because the garden knows when your plants need to be watered and does the watering for you! At the base of the garden is a 23 gallon reservoir, which holds enough water for about a month depending on the size of the plants, the temperature and the weather conditions. To water itself, the garden uses a moisture detection sensor, which constantly measures how wet or dry the soil is. Therefore, you never have to worry if you are over-watering or under-watering your plants again. Once the need for water is reached, the sensor tells the garden to turn on the pump. The pump fills the pots with water from the bottom up, which is known as the ebb and flow technique. Once the plants have had their fill, the water drains back into the reservoir for minimal water loss. Now how does the garden get its power? The U-GroIt garden is run by a solar panel, which recharges an extremely efficient lithium battery. Therefore, you can grow virtually any where there is sun.

The U-GroIT garden is designed for plants to be planted in the 5 removable pots. There are two 8″ pots and three 12″ pots. You can start with seeds or small plants in the pots and once they start growing, we recommend placing a garden cage around the plant. The pots are designed so the cages can easily slide into predetermined holes. Placing a cage around the plants gives them the necessary support for growth.

What’s In The Box

Take a closer look to see what’s included with your U-GroIT Automated Garden purchase. When you receive you’re U-GroIT, it comes assembled!

1) Solar Panel and Mount

2) Moisture Sensors (2)

3) 8″ Pot (2)

4) 12″ Pot (3)

5) Controller Housing

6) Hose Filter Washer

7) Hose Fill Port Locking Caps

8) Top Cover

9) Twist lock (5)

10)Elbow Fittings (2)

11) Tee Fittings (3)

12) Tubing

13) Water Level Indicator

14) Center Support

15) Automatic Fill Valve

16) Pumps With Sock Filters

17) Reservoir

18) Drain Cap (2)

How to Set Up the U-GroIT Automated Garden

Your U-GroIT Automated Garden ships to you just about ready to go! Just follow the steps below for success.

  1. Gather your necessary supplies to get started (not included)
    1. Plants/Seeds
    2. Potting Soil
    3. Water Source
    4. Fertilizer
    5. Tomato Cages
  2. Remove the pots from the U-GroIT Automated Garden and pour the garden or potting soil into the pots leaving enough room for you plants (if starting with plants).
  3. Once your plants are in the pots, hose them thoroughly! (refer to image on right) This is a very important step. Hosing the plants releases all the small particles from the soil. It is crucial to wash the small particles out of the pots before placing them back into the garden. This is done to prevent the hose screens from clogging up with the debris.
  4. Place your pots into their respective places in the U-GroIT Automated Garden.
  5. Fill up the garden basin with water.
  6. Open up the battery compartment on the controller and switch the power to on (When not in use, it is recommended to turn this switch to ‘OFF’ before long term storage).
  7. Place the moisture sensors in their places. (The long cord goes to the 12″ pot and the short cord goes to the 8″ pot).
  8. Make sure your solar panel is placed in a good location to see the sun!
  9. Grow On!


The U-GroIT Automated Garden Removable Pots

The U-GroIT small and large removable pots are designed specifically to hold tomato cages within them to help ensure your plants receive the proper support needed for growth. (Please note the tomato cages are not included with the U-GroIt Automated Garden.) The pots also feature a web design on the bottom and slits on the sides, which allows for the best saturation and drainage when the garden is watering itself.

Since the pots are removable (as you can see in the picture below), that means you can pick up and orientate the plants in the garden whatever way you like. Please exercise caution when lifting larger plants out of the garden because they can be much heavier then they appear.


Detailed garden callouts.003 Detailed garden callouts.004

What You Will Need

To get started growing, you will need to purchase the few items below from a box store near you:

  • Vegetable or Potting Soil
  • Fertilizer/Tomato Food
  • Tomato Cages
  • Tomato Poles
  • Garden Tape


What You Can Grow

There are so many kinds of vegetables out there and the U-GroIT System has been designed to accommodate most of them. Below is a list of vegetables that we have personally grown and can vouch for.

  • Tomatoes of all sizes
  • Peppers of all kinds
  • Egg Plant
  • Cucumber
  • Squash
  • Strawberries
  • Long beans
  • Chives
  • Herbs of all kinds
  • Flowers of all kinds

Companion Planting Guide

While the U-GroIT Automated Garden can handle a very large variety of vegetables and plants, some plants do not thrive as well when put together. Please follow the guide below to help determine the most beneficial plant pairings.

Companion Planting Chart 08242016

 What Type of Soil to Use


The U-GroIT Automated Garden is compatible with pretty much any type of  potting soil that is readily available for purchase. We have tested with different organic types and Miracle Gro products.

Beginning With Seeds


Beginning With Adolescent Plants


Starting with adolescent plants is the fastest way to yield results! We recommend planting 2 plants per pot for maximum yield.

How to Secure Plants

Securing your plants ensures strong healthy growth. Plants love support! Purchase your vegetable cages, poles, and garden tape separately. We’d love to sell them, but you will save money purchasing them from a box store near you!


How to Fertilize

Fertilization is extremely important in the U-GroIT Automated Garden. The soil that you purchase will be full of nutrients for the plants but over the course of time and many watering cycles, those nutrients will be depleted and the only way to replenish them is to fertilize.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 9.22.42 AM

The U-GroIT Automated Garden is not biased toward different fertilizers. However, we recommend purchasing Miracle Grow All Purpose Plant Food and tossing in a scoop (the scoop comes with it)  to the water basin every 2 weeks or every time you refill. The plant food will then dissolve and be distributed to the plants as they are watered.

When growing tomatoes and other large vegetables, it is also wise to use tomato food or vegetable specific fertilizer to keep them looking great!