8″ Removable Pots


Quantity of 2 replacement 8″ removable pots for the U-GroIT Garden.



  • LONG DESCRIPTION: The U-GroIt 8” removable pots are extremely durable and are designed to support a toal of two single plants or herbs.
    • Removable: The U-GroIt 8” pots can be removed from the garden at any time. This allows you to pick up and orientate the plants in the garden any way you like. Please exercise caution when lifting larger plants out of the garden as they can be much heavier then they appear.
    • Supportive: The U-GroIt 8” removable pots are designed specifically to hold tomato cages to help support your plants in order for them to grow. The tomato cages are not included.
    • Water Efficient: The U-GroIt 8” removable pots are designed with a web on the bottom and slits on the sides to allow for the best saturation and drainage when the garden is watering itself.
    • Extremely Durable: The U-GroIt 8” removable pots are made of UV rated plastic, which is designed to withstand many seasons.
    • 8″ Pot (2)
  • NOT INCLUDED: Tomato Cages, Poles, and Garden Tape

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 14 x 14 in