Jurassic Automated Garden


The U-GroIT Garden is a durable, automated gardening system featuring three 12’’ removable pots, two 8’’ removable pots, and a 23 gallon water reservoir allowing you to grow fresh, full sized fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs virtually anywhere there is sun.



  • LONG DESCRIPTION: The U-GroIT Garden is a durable, self-watering garden featuring three 12’’ removable pots,  two 8’’ removable pots, and a 23 gallon reservoir at the base of the garden. To water itself, the garden uses a moisture detection sensor, which constantly measures how wet or dry the soil is. Once the need for water is reached, the sensor tells the garden to turn on the pump. The pump fills the pots with water from the bottom up, which is known as the ebb and flow technique. Once the plants have had their fill, the water drains back into the reservoir for minimal water loss. The U-GroIt garden is run by a solar panel, which recharges an extremely efficient lithium battery. When purchasing, you can check out with your PayPal account or click the pay with credit card button below the PayPal login button. No PayPal account required.
    • Full Sized Vegetables: The U-GroIT Garden supports growing a wide variety of full sized plants up to 8 feet tall.
    • Water Supply: At the base of the U-GroIT garden is a water reservoir, which holds 23 gallons of water.
    • Solar Powered: The U-GroIT Garden is powered by an extremely efficient lithium battery, which is charged by the sun.
    • Removable Pots: The U-GroIT Garden has five removable pots. The three 12’’ removable pots support a total of six large plants and two 8’’ removable pots support a total of two single plants or herbs.
    • Self-Watering: The U-GroIT Garden waters itself with its built in moisture detection system, which constantly measures how wet to dry the soil is. Once the need for water is reached, the sensor tells the garden to turn on the pumps. The pumps fill the pots with water from the bottom up. There are two pumps in the garden. One pump controls the three 12’’ removable pots and the other pump controls the two 8’’ removable pots.
    • Extremely Durable: The U-GroIT Garden is made of HDPE UV rated plastic, which is designed to withstand many long seasons and harsh weather conditions.
    • Garden Anywhere: The U-GroIT Garden fits in less than 4 square feet allowing you to grow food virtually anywhere there is a sun like a patio, balcony or rooftop.
    • Solar Panel and Mount
    • Moisture Sensors (2)
    • 8″ Pot (2)
    • 12″ Pot (3)
    • Controller Housing
    • Hose Filter Washer
    • Hose Fill Port Locking Caps
    • Top Cover
    • Locking Spin Caps (5)
    • Elbow Fittings (2)
    • Tee Fittings (3)
    • Tubing
    • Water Level Indicator
    • Center Support
    • Automatic Fill Valve
    • Pumps In their Sock Filters
    • Reservoir
    • Drain Cap (2)
  • NOT INCLUDED: Plants or seeds of any kind, Potting Soil, Fertilizer, Water, Tomato Cages, Poles, and Garden Tape

Additional information

Weight 51.2 lbs
Dimensions 37 x 38 x 17.5 in


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