Set Up FAQ’s

How do I set up my U-GroIT Automated Garden?

  1. Gather your necessary supplies to get started (not included)
    1. Plants/Seeds
    2. Potting Soil
    3. Water Source
    4. Fertilizer
    5. Tomato cages
  2. Pour the potting soil into the pots leaving enough room for you plants if starting with plants.
  3. Once your plants are in the pots, hose them thoroughly! Very Important step.  Hosing them releases all the small particles from the soil washing them out of the pots before being placed into the garden.  This is done to prevent the hose screens from clogging with the debris.
  4. Place your pots into their perspective places in the U-GroIT Automated Garden.
  5. Fill up the  basin with water.
  6. Open up the battery compartment on the controller and switch the power to on (You’ll want to remember this when storing your product when not in use, you will want to turn the power off).
  7. Place the moisture sensors in their places. (The long cord goes to the 12″ pot and the short cord goes to the 8″ pot).
  8. Make sure your solar panel is placed in a good location to see the sun!


What happens if I don’t soak  the pots with water first before putting them in the U-GroIT Automated Garden?

-If you do not soak your pots with fresh soil in them, the U-GroIT Automated Garden will  most likely get clogged up causing your plants to not get the water they need or cause the water not to drain properly.

Soaking your pots first will flush out all of the lose debris in the potting mix.