What Fertilizers Work in the U-GroIT Automated Garden?

Are you wondering what fertilizer to use for your plants in the U-GroIT Automated Garden?

Fertilizing is such an important step to keeping your plants happy and strong in the U-GroIT Automated Garden. The soil that you purchase will be full of nutrients for the plants, but over the course of time and many watering cycles, those nutrients will be depleted and the only way to replenish them is to fertilize.

The U-GroIT Automated Garden is not biased toward different fertilizers. However, we recommend MiracleaGro all purpose vegetable/flower fertilizer. Just toss in a scoop (the scoop comes with it)  to the water basin every 2 weeks or every time you refill the garden basin with water. The plant food will then dissolve and be distributed to the plants as they are watered.

Once you know exactly what you want to grow, then you can select specific liquid fertilizers that focus directly on tomatoes or flowers. We have used tomato fertilizer in our U-GroIT Automated Garden and found it works well for tomato plants and does not negatively affect the peppers or other plants growing in there as well. Regardless, fertilizing is extremely important in the U-GroIT Automated Garden and should be done at least every other time you fill the garden basin up with water.